Jesse Watters Claims Raping Underage Boys Is Okay, as Long as the Woman Is ‘Hot’ (Video)

Fox ‘News’  correspondent Jesse Watters defended the rape of underage boys — as long as the woman is “hot” – while discussing the story of Denise Harvey on Fox’s  OutnumberedWatters, a regular on O’Reilly Factor, claimed to speak for all men as he made the “observation” that when boys get raped by older women, they’re “given high fives.”

Statements like this show there’s something wrong with our society. Harvey was charged with raping her son’s best friend, and fled to Canada claiming that the thirty year sentence was “cruel and unusual.” And Watters is defending her, even though he doesn’t think she’s that “hot.”

While expressing his puerile views, Watters told the program’s four female hosts:

“I don’t want to diminish what happened here because it’s a serious crime. But if you’re a 16-year-old kid and you have sex with your best friend’s mom, you usually get high fives. Okay?”

He did concede that the victims could suffer psychological damage, saying that the Harvey wasn’t “that attractive, so you might not have that kind of reception.”

“She’s not Debra Lafave,” Watters said, “She’s kind of in the middle.” Debra Lafave is the “hot” Florida teacher who made headlines for having sex with a 14-year-old student.

Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle pressed him on the subject, asking, “so you’re saying if it’s hotter then it’s better because you get props with your friends?”

But Watters defended his remark: “I’m saying this is how regular guys think.”

The equally contemptible Tucker Carlson, who declared Oprah to be anti-male, is okay with women raping young boys, too. Raw Story reports that while talking about the Debra Lafave case, Carlson remarked that the victim who told the police was too “whiny” about it:

“It’s ludicrous that we are calling this a rape. I’ll tell you what’s wrong to this extent — he went and tattled to the police and destroyed her life. Are you joking? What a whiny country this is.”

Watch Watters defend raping underage boys:

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily