Jay Leno Will Sign Off Late Night For Good

When Jay Leno signs off from “The Tonight Show” Thursday, the comedian will be without a regular TV gig for the first time since he took over for Johnny Carson as “Tonight” host back in 1992. Leno said in several recent interviews that he’s had “all kinds of offers” for post-“Tonight Show” TV work, but adds that he isn’t interested in another late-night gig.

Of course, in Hollywood and television, everything can change. But no matter what, the late-night landscape has changed significantly since 2009, when Leno almost bolted for ABC, which in turn lead to NBC’s creation of “The Jay Leno Show” to keep him from leaving. ABC now has Jimmy Kimmel at 11:30, leaving FOX as the only broadcaster without a late-night show. However, many FOX affiliates have hefty syndication commitments at 11 pm, and if they couldn’t/wouldn’t free them up to make a deal with O’Brien four years ago after his “Tonight” exit, don’t look for them to do it for the older-skewing Leno

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