J.R. Smith Has Opted Out and will become a Free Agent


Kevin Love is going to opt out and see what the field has to pay, and since J.R. Smith also missed the NBA Finals with the Cavs, he will opt out of his $6+ million dollar deal for 2015-16 and will become a free agent.

Smith did play in the NBA Finals, he just didn’t play his type of game in any of the 6 contests.

Yet, despite his John Starks like play in the Finals, the Cavs and Smith do want to come together with a deal to have JR again suiting up for the team Lebron coaches. Lebron, who said pre-trade for Smith that he could handle him, and he can control Smith better than the Nuggets or Knicks.

Unless something crazy happens in the next few days look for Smith to resign, and for probably less than the $6 milly.