Insider info suspected on Idina Menzel’s national anthem length

Prop bets are a Super Bowl staple, and yet one interesting one was being taken off the board in some Las Vegas sportsbooks.

According to Vegas insider R.J. Bell, the length of the national anthem — yes, you can bet on that! You can bet on almost anything! — is suspected of some chicanery.

Yes, that’s right — someone might have gotten to Idina Menzel, stage star of “Frozen” fame, on the length of her rendition. Or perhaps someone in her camp heard her rehearsing the version, timed it and sent word to bettors on their findings. Who knows?

Menzel, in her pre-Super Bowl press conference was asked about the timing of her version of the national anthem. Here was her answer: “I haven’t recorded it or anything. But you let me know what you want, and I’ll let it go on a little longer. I’ll watch the stopclock or something.”

She was kidding. WE THINK.

Early reports suggest that her version lasted 2 minutes and — wait for it — 4 seconds, barely going over.

Something, we think, is rotten in Denmark, or Glendale, Ariz.

Expect independent investigator Ted Wells, once he wraps up whatever he’s working on now, to be called in for this case.

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