How to watch movies online & Its Features (May 2018)

There are many ways where you can watch movies online. Netflix, Hulu, amazon prime
video are some examples. To watch movies on this site you need to pay a monthly
subscription charge. It is difficult to get movies online from a safe source. There are
many sites online where you can watch unlimited movies. Among those sites Playbox
is an excellent app. Here you can watch all the movies you want. This is a free app for
all devices. You can download it for Android and IOS device.

Movie lovers will love this app and is a widely recommended app by almost everyone
who uses it. This app streams movies of high quality with subtitles. With a strong
internet connection, you can watch all your favorite movies from anywhere Moviebox Apk is
a safe app and you can download it from its official site. It also updates movies
frequently. So, you can watch classic movies to new movies from this app. This is an
outstanding app with many attractive features

Features of Playbox app

 High quality movies-: This app uploads movies of high quality. You can also set
quality you want to reduce data usage. Through this app you can watch high
definition movies on any device.
 Online as well as offline services-: Using playbox app you can watch movies
online with the help of a good internet connection. If your connection is not that
strong don’t worry, you can download movies to your device and watch it offline.
 Updated content-: They updates their movie list very often. So, you don’t have to
go anywhere else in order to watch something old as well as new.
 Comes with a high quality in-built media player
 Can connect it with your Tv using chrome cast enjoy big screen experience.
Playbox app for Android/IOS

This app is not available on play store. Get this from any outside sites and download it
for free. You can use this app for any of your device and use it anywhere.

Playbox for Android

This app is not available to download from play store. You need to get it from a third-
party site.
 Download the app from a site
 After downloading open the app and tap it for installation
 It will not work. To work installation, you have to go to phone Settings>
Security>Enable from other sources
 Now you can go back to the app and install it
 After completing installation, you can open the app and enjoy unlimited movies

Playbox for IOS

You can download this app for IOS without jailbreak by following these simple steps
 It is not possible to download the app directly without jailbreak. A third party
application is essential to get this app.
 For that first you need to download vShare app on your device
 Sometimes they ask you to trust the source of an app. You have to trust it
 After downloading vShare app open it
 On search bar look for playbox app
 Click on download button and install it after downloading
 After completing installation, you can open the app and search for your favorite
 Enjoy unlimited movies on playbox app

By following the above steps, you can download this app on your device. This is how
you can enjoy unlimited movies and Tv shows. Get a good quality internet connection
watch movie as much as you want. Download the app for free and the app is safe for
your device. Get the app immediately and enjoy boundless movies.

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