How Tall is Vladimir Putin

Our conclusion: Vladimir Putin is 5 feet 3 inchesĀ 

The Russian dictator doesn’t have an official height listen online that we could find with any credible source so we had to use some internet science to try to figure out how tall the Russian really is….First a few things we did find online:

The President of Russia. A newspaper once reported that there was criteria for the height of people in official photos with him, and that they shouldn’t be taller. Shockingly, the newspaper said with a straight face “Vladimir is believed to be between 5ft 2″ and 5ft 5”.

So we wanted to try and find pictures of him with someone who was obviously taller than 5’5.

Now Barack Obama is listed on a few websites as 6 feet 1 inch and a few more sites as 6 feet even. Now even he was as tall as 6’2, which is tippy toes a little bit, it appears Putin wouldn’t be much taller than 5’4.

Then we came across more rumors that Putin would sometimes wear platform shoes, or a shoe that gave him a few more inches in height. This all came to light after Putin was photographed standing next to a ton of women, and it appears he was just as short as the short women….

A source from the Kremlin stated that Putin doesn’t allow women to normally wear high heels when taking pictures with him, and that his bodyguards are always shorter than he is.

Putin’s platform shoes have been caught in pictures since way back in 1999, and even a smaller guy like Ricky Rubio uses platform shoes at times to appear taller.

Our official conclusion is that Vladimir Putin is from 5’2 to 5’4 with our best guess at 5 feet 3 inches.



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Walter Skinner

Walter Skinner joined the Pluto Daily in 2012 and has covered news from around the world.