Hendrix executed for Lake County slayings

Family members of the victims of Robert Eugene Hendrix — some of them Hendrix’s own relatives — waited 24 years for justice in the brutal 1990 slaying of his cousin and his cousin’s wife

It took the state 11 minutes to dispense that justice.

Hendrix was killed by lethal injection Wednesday night for the murder of his cousin Elmer Scott and Scott’s wife, Michelle Scott, in their Lake County home. Hendrix offered no final words.

“I feel today as I watched my cousin die that justice was served,” Lisa Hunt, 31, Elmer Scott’s baby sister, told reporters outside Florida State Prison nearly an hour after the execution. She said she wishes her parents were alive to see Wednesday’s execution but that “I feel in my heart they are watching over us.”

Hunt was one of 17 members of the victims’ families to witness the execution, which began at 6:10 p.m. They sat in silence, faces immobile as they watched Hendrix breathe for the last time. A white sheet covering Hendrix’s body moved up and down for several minutes as he breathed deeply, obscuring most of his face but for the tip of his nose and forehead.

Four minutes in, a prison official leaned over, grabbed Hendrix by his shoulders and said “Inmate Hendrix” twice to check for consciousness.

The sheet stopped moving, and at 6:18 p.m., a physician came out to check Hendrix for vital signs, waving a light in his eyes, checking his pulse and listening for a heartbeat before pronouncing him dead. The prison official pronounced the sentence against Hendrix carried out at 6:21 p.m.

Among the witnesses was Rachel Scott, the daughter of the two victims. She was five months old when Hendrix killed her parents.

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