Having a Heart Attack? There’s an App for That! The Incredible Story of How Dr. David Albert Brought the ECG iPhone App to Market



Close your eyes and imagine the scene with me. You’re at Grandma Betty’s house for a family gathering. Suddenly, Grandma Betty begins to experience chest pain. She’s had some issues with her heart in the past. But could this be it? Could Grandma Betty really be having a heart attack? Your normal reaction would be to call 911, right? Not this time. Instead, you simply pull out your iPhone and use AliveCor’s ECG app to detect Grandma’s heart rhythm. And thankfully, her heart appears to be normal this time.

No, this isn’t a science fiction story. The iPhone ECG app is real…and very close to a FDA approval. Dr. David Albert is bringing it to live. Some of the interview outtakes from Dr. David Albert with http://medsider.com are below!


The amazing story of how AliveCor’s iPhone ECG app helped save a man’s life while on an airplane!
What is the iPhone ECG app and how does it actually work?
Two disruptive features of the iPhone ECG app: Cloud and Cost
The roller coster ride Dr. Albert experienced in his pursuits to develop the ECG app.
Five key lessons you can learn from Dr. Albert’s experiences: 1) Be stubborn; 2) Use sounding boards; 3) Protect your IP; 4) Stay patient; and 5) Make a demo.
Where does Dr. Albert’s interest in gadgets come from? Hint: It’s personal.
Dr. Albert’s advice for ambitious doers: 1) Believe in your ideas; 2) Don’t be afraid to swim against the stream.
And much more!

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