Graphic Photo of First Boston Bomber **Graphic

It seems that Officer, Edward Fitzgerald, decided to tweet a picture of the dead suspect from the Boston Marathon Bombing..

He tweeted the message, “Burn in Hell” next to the image…

see that HERE

but remember it is graphic…

It appears that an “emergency thoracotomy” was performed. When a patient arrives “dead” with penetrating chest trauma and recent signs of life, certain criteria must be met before the patient can be officially pronounced dead. In most American hospitals, you aren’t “dead” in the case of trauma until you’re “decompressed and dead” (meaning a needle/tube placed in both sides of the chest cavity to drain excess air/blood). You can see the 14 gauge catheters that have been placed in the upper portion of the chest just below the clavicle (they are clear with orange tips). This would drain air, but not blood.

Apparently, someone saw fit to crack his chest and give the emergency thoracotomy a try. It is a last ditch effort and rarely leads to survival for the patient. I can’t really tell if the penetrating wound below the main incision was an attempt at a chest tube, or if it was a GSW (often times the tubes are just put in through the hole created by the GSW ). It looks like a round went through his left forearm and may have continued on to his chest, depending on the angle of the shot and his arm placement.

There was a 15 minute delay from time of arrival at the ER to official time of death. In those 15 minutes, the chest was rapidly entered using a scalpel, brute force, and a rib spreader. The heart was directly massaged as surgeons looked to clamp/ligate/suture large bleeds and rapidly infuse fluid and whole blood products. They failed to resuscitate him(as happens 90+% of the time with this procedure). Hope this helps you understand what you are seeing!

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