Girl Arrives After Cop Father is Drug/Hit by Car

Gulf Breeze, FL., police officer Kerstan Tatro is recovering after a dramatic run-in with a suspected drunk driver last Monday left him with a compound fracture in his right arm.

Video from officer Tatro’s patrol car dashboard camera was rolling when he pulled over Amy Lee Georgio, 30, for driving erratically. As Tatro stood by the woman’s door and questioned her, he noticed Georgio attempting to put the car in gear. Tatro attempted to reach in and remove the keys from the ignition, at which point Georgio peeled away, dragging the officer for several feet before he fell to the road.

Several passing motorists quickly pulled over and offered assistance, and at one point Tatro’s own teenage daughter, who happened to be passing by after leaving a nearby mall, approached the scene. She can be heard screaming, “That’s my dad!” as other motorists attempted to comfort her.

Tatro, who is married with five children, is expected to fully recover. Giorgio was later apprehended and charged with possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment and driving under the influence.

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