GGG to Ward: Why Are You Talking Sh*t?


In an exclusive interview with, Ward called Golovkin and his team into question for “making excuses” to avoid a potential fight between the two of then. He says guys like Golovkin have made “eight or nine” excuses to avoid the fight.

“If the fans and the writers buy that, then they are going to continue to say that,” Ward told

“The reality is this, and I’m not trying to coming off as a tough guy because I’m not a tough guy. I just come to fight and do my best and fight the best. The reality is, when Carl Froch fought Mikkel Kessler the second time, I commentated that fight. I was in his country. I told him, I told his promoter to pick up the phone and let’s make it happen. When you’re in somebody’s backyard and they say those kind of things and they don’t respond and come up with excuses – you got your answer.”

“Guys like Froch, or even Golovkin, these guys have had at least eight or nine different excuses – from ‘we’ll fight everybody but him, we’ve got to build it up, he’s scared, he’s just talking.’ It’s just ridiculous and I don’t even follow it anymore and you won’t hear me call their names anymore, because I’ve got too much respect for what I’ve accomplished in this sport and I’ve got too much respect for my legacy as a whole to chase anybody at this point in time.”

“If the fans are comfortable and okay with [Golovkin] fighting the level of competition that he’s fighting – and I’m not taking anything away from those guys because they deserve credit for getting in there and doing their best – but the level that he’s fought and what they’re claiming him to be – if the fans and the writers are comfortable with that then that’s just what it is and he’s going to continue to fight that level of competition.”

“He’s going to cross his fingers that Canelo or Cotto take a fight with him. He’s literally begging these guys, who are smaller guys, to step in the ring and fight with him – but you can’t have this reputation that you want to claim without fighting the best,” Ward said.

“You can’t come to my weight class and side-step me. Just because a trainer or a promoter says something, it doesn’t make it true. These guys literally get paid to say what they say. And their whole plan is for the trainer to talk tough, and the promoter to talk tough, while Golovkin sits on the sidelines and just smiles and waves. They tell him to smile and keep waving while they talk tough. I’m not going to get involved with that, because I’m real simple when it comes to the sport of boxing – ‘let’s get it on.’ If you mention my name and you mention my weight class, then lets do it.”

“All of the different narratives that they come up with, all of the different excuses and even lies they come up with – I am not going to get caught up in that and you are not going to hear me calling this guy’s name no more. I presented myself and that’s the best that I can do. I’m not chasing anybody in this sport. I’m the champion of my division and my job is to be ready when my name is called.”

Golovkin has come back firing, with both barrels. The ‘Good Boy’ took a few moments to become the ‘Bad Boy’ as he came back swinging in response to Ward’s comments.

“Hey Ward, wake up. Why are you talking trash about others? Speak for yourself. If you are trying to make a name for yourself by mentioning my name and building your fight by talking about me, then be a man and tell the truth,” Golovkin told

“At our meeting with HBO they asked both of us whether or not we are ready to fight. You remember our answers……..I said ‘yes’ and you said ‘no.’ Something about your shoulder or promoter. I am not interested in your reasons, I only heard your ‘no.’ But you remember HBO made it clear back then that this fight needs a lot of time to build up. Then why are you talking sh*t about excuses?”

“When you make such provocative statements, don’t even think that it will make [promoter Tom] Loeffler [of K2 Promotions] buy into it. You have not been interesting to anybody for a long time already, and surely he won’t build your name for you.”

“So go and build your brand on your own. Although everyone already knows what you are, and that’s why they don’t go to watch your fights. You shouldn’t worry about who I fought or who I’m going to fight. Worry about yourself. You and the rest were lucky with the Super Six tournament where you got opponents by contract. And look who are you fighting now? – boxers ranked fourth or fifth in England. Although you do know very well that for all of the people in the United States there is still an open question – who is the best between you or [Andre] Dirrell. If you aren’t able to call in the morning, then don’t attempt to crow.”

“When I say that I am ready to fight any middleweight and that I am ready to move up to 168 for a big fight, then I’ll put my money where my mouth is. And I have nothing left to discuss with you. As a true man you are dead to me.”