George Bush Ranks Above Stalin And Genghis Khan In World’s Most Hated People


As an historical figure, George W. Bush is worse than Joseph Stalin and Genghis Khan, but he’s better than Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Adolf Hitler, at least according to a poll by the Daily Mail.

In a poll of nearly 7,000 college students from 37 countries, the students ranked famous figures according to heroes and villains. The students ranked Albert Einstein as the top heroic figure, followed by Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Isaac Newton. Jesus Christ took the number six spot.


Even though this poll was done of relatively educated people across the globe, it shows how little historical perspective people have. It also seems skewed toward the West, at least on the heroic side. With Eastern cultures, it seems, with few exceptions, we only know about the villains.

And while it’s true that George W. Bush is responsible for a lot of deaths and should probably be on this list somewhere, even the half million plus casualties of his wars dwarf the atrocities of Stalin and Genghis Khan.

Stalin is estimated to have killed 10s of millions of his own people. Genghis Khan wiped out 10% of the world’s population. Yes, George W. Bush is a bad man, but even he isn’t that bad – now if Dick Cheney were actually President (kidding, sort of).

Perhaps the significance of Bush being on the list isn’t as much about the number of people who died during his unjust wars or even about the fact that he’s a modern historical figure. Perhaps what’s most significant about him is that he’s despised the world over.

Using a technique known as Latent Profile Analysis (LPA), the scientists identified four ‘profiles’ among the participants.

‘Religious idealists’ and ‘Secular Idealists’ had strongly negative views towards Osama, Saddam, and Hitler.

‘Religious Idealists’ and ‘Political Realists’ thought positively of religious leaders such as Buddha and Jesus.

‘Historical Indifferents’ didn’t have a strong feeling for anyone, apart from George W Bush who they disliked.

The only figure that all four groups disliked was Bush, the study found.

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily