Game of Thrones editor is named as woman killed by lion in South Africa

A woman who was killed by a lion at a safari park in South Africa has been identified as Katherine Chappell, an editor on the Game of Thrones TV series.

The 29-year-old US tourist died on Monday after the lion jumped through an open car window.

The Lion Park where it happened is 30km (19 miles) north of Johannesburg.

“The lioness jumped through the open window and started mauling the woman,” assistant manager Scott Simpson said.

Another man, thought to be the tour guide, travelling in the same car is still receiving treatment.

isitors to the tourist destination are warned to keep windows closed while driving through the big cat enclosure.

Chappell was a member of the Game of Thrones team that won an Emmy for the 2014 episode The Children.

Her sister Jennifer posted a tribute on Facebook on Monday night.

“Katie was a brilliant, kind, adventurous and high-spirited woman,” she said.

“Her energy and passion could not be contained by mere continents or oceans. She was very much loved and shared her love for life with those she met.”

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Sasha Perkins

Administrative Assistant and Journalist at the Pluto Daily since 2012.