From Iowa: Men with Small Penises Vote for Trump


It might sound like campaign slander, but it was a completely bias study done by students at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York during the caucuses in Iowa earlier this month.

The study is hardly factual, as only 200 men agreed to ‘be measured’, but the facts of that small study did have real results. All 200 of the men were voting republican so we can’t measure the size of men who voted for Hillary or the short comings. (pun intended)

This was only done in Iowa and only done with 200 voting men, who were all voting on the far-right so it’s hard to imagine many of them being ‘giant’ men. (pun intended again)

98% of the men with a penis smaller than 4 inches long voted for Donald Trump.

That is an incredible amount of the men, and Iona has said that the full results will be available in June.

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