Florida Sting Nets 101 Arrests in Sex Predator Sting



Detectives from Polk and Lake counties arrested 101 people over 11 days in a sex predator sting in which detectives posed as children between the ages of 12 and 14, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said Tuesday.

After deputies had a difficult time attracting sexual predators to Polk County, Judd said the operation was moved to Lake County.

Judd spoke about the arrests at a press conference with Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders in Tavares on Tuesday. He said the operation was named “Operation: L and P” — for Lake and Polk counties — and lasted 10 days. There were two phases of the operation: cyber and prostitution.

Judd said detectives used a vacant house in Clermont and used chat forums to pose as a child, a parent of a child or an individual looking for prostitution.

Twenty-two suspects were arrested in the cyberphase, which lasted seven days.

“Their communications and desires were outrageous and deviant,” Judd said. “All 22 traveled to have sex and brought outrageous tools for deviant sex.”

Among those arrested in the cyberphase were two registered sexual offenders and employees from Universal, Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Sea World.

Another 79 suspects were arrested in the prostitution phase, which lasted four days. Judd said detectives were looking for victims of human trafficking and those advertising for prostitution.

Over the last two weeks, Judd said, 111 sexual predators have been arrested. Nine were caught in a child pornography sting and one was caught after kidnapping a Polk County girl.

“If you’re going to prey on children, the Florida sheriffs are going to come after you with a vengeance,” Judd said. “You never know from which county we’ll be looking for you.”

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