Florida couple rescued after being stranded at sea for a week

It’s an extraordinary survival story of a Florida couple stranded for a week in the Gulf of Mexico.

When their sailboat’s motor broke down, the couple had no way to call for help. It was a phone call from a neighbor onshore that in the end saved their lives.

Bogdan and Elizabeth Makowski thought they were not going to survive.

For nearly a week, they floated aimlessly about 10 miles off the coast after the engine on their sailboat died.

They were short on just about everything because they ate their entire food supply on the first day.

“We had a full bottle, a small bottle of water. We don’t have any communication,” said Bogdan Makowski.

No engine, no water and no way to call for help. And then the storms came.

Somehow the mast jammed the sail, leaving it useless.

Back on land, a friend who was worried when they didn’t return home alerted the U.S. Coast Guard and the search began.

Coast Guard crews finally found them near Anclote Key and boarded their boat.

“They were very relieved to see us, very excited, but they were actually in good shape,” said Ryan O’Hare with the Coast Guard. “They were moving around. They were in good spirits. The only thing they requested is a nice cool bottle of water.”

The Makowskis have vowed to return to the sea, but said next time they’ll bring some extra water.

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