Five Million ‘Gmail Accounts and Passwords of Mostly Russia-Based Users Leaked Online’

About five million Google accounts and their passwords, mostly of Russia-based users, are suspected to have been leaked online.

At least 60% of the compromised accounts are said to be active.

The text file containing the database of all the accounts has been uploaded to social media platform Bitcoin Security Forum, with the user named tvskit first pointing out the appearance of the leak.

The details of names and passwords could provide access not only to Gmail but also to other Google services as well.

According to the Russia-based CNews, a spokesperson for the Russian office of Google Svetlana Anurova said: “experts now understand what happened in the case”. She also urged users to “select strong passwords and be sure to use a two-step authentication”.

The latest leak has surfaced a day after a similar disclosure emerged revealing at least six million accounts of, a Russian internet service provider, were reportedly stolen.

IBTimes UK is unable to independently verify whether it was a genuine leak and is awaiting a formal response from Google.

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