Explaining the Ebola Outbreak in America

There have been a ton of rumors, conspiracies, facts, and more going around about Ebola. I have been following this 2014 Ebola Outbreak since it first popped up earlier this year, and this is my take on what is going on to the best of my ability and knowledge.-Dan Mullin @NewsonEbola


Catching the Ebola Virus

It keeps popping up all over the place that Ebola is very hard to catch, yet American health care workers as well as the recently diagnosed American camera man, who presumably have taken all precautionary measures have been infected, so it’s not all THAT difficult is it?

These people were trained not to catch Ebola and they did.

So what does that mean for unprotected and unaware people on public transit, for instance, who come in contact with the presence of an infected person?

Let’s talk about why Ebola isn’t ‘in the air’ but it isn’t spread like HIV either.

Now the CDC is making it seem like you have to pretty much do a 2 girls 1 cup type of scenario on an ebola patient to catch it.

You must have direct contact with bodily fluids.”

That is all we are hearing, and I really don’t think there is some conspiracy going on to hide the fact that you can catch Ebola by several different things happening. I just think the CDC is going by the book here on how they THINK Ebola is spread.

This virus was only first discovered in 1976, and usually when an outbreak would happen it would pop up in a remote village, kill most of it’s victims, and then vanish when it couldn’t jump to another person/host.

Ebola wasn’t going away, it was always here, but it was hosting in animals until the next exposure with humans. The CDC can open up books on almost every other disease and see how it moves in large societies. There is first hand reporting on TB, the measles, the spanish flu, and even H1N1, but they can’t do that for this deadly virus.

Now the Ebola virus has been studied for the last 35 years, but it has been on animals in closed environments, and even then most of the scientists studying it got both different results and learned that this bug was nothing to mess with.

The confusion is the terms the CDC is using with Airborne and Bodily Fluids.

Let’s look at the HIV Virus..

if HIV hits air it will die quickly..so it’s spread by sex, blood, needles, etc…You can hug a person even kiss a person on the mouth with HIV and you have zero chance of catching it. HIV is pretty hard to catch, but of course it happens daily.

now compare that to a cold or flu virus and we see that some of those can live longer on objects that aren’t alive…like let’s say a door knob.

Let’s pretend that an 8 year old boy named Billy has a cold. Now little Billy sneezes on his hand, wipes his hand on the door knob as he is leaving. Then you walk into the room and leave using that same exit and grab the door knob.

Billy just touched that door, and he had just sneezed into his hand. So the virus is on your hand now, and it might be able to enter your hand if it is open, has a cut, or works that way.

A normal person touches their face on average of 2000-3000 times per day….so if the virus from little Billy’s sneeze, is on your hand, it will probably enter your body via your face into your nose, mouth, ear etc.

Now let’s just say that little Billy doesn’t have a cold virus, but he has the Ebola virus. He sneezes ebola onto his hand, grabs the door knob, and then here you come with your ‘I can’t catch ebola unless i drink blood self,’ and you touch the door, touch your nose and so on…….there is a pretty high chance that ebola strain is still alive and entered your body.

I don’t think the CDC would be rushing to touch that door knob, do you?

But now if people behind you touch that door knob, do they also get that virus? And if they do, how many people can get it from that door knob? 3 more people? 20 more? Only you?

We know the virus won’t stay on that door forever, it will die, but if 200 people touch one spot in a row that has the Ebola virus on it, how many will catch it? How long before the virus is dead?

This has never been studied.

Ebola Airborne


Now Ebola isn’t like the movie Outbreak were it is literally in the air so if you are standing in the city you will catch it. This is Hollywood.

But in those studies that scientist have been able to do, they know that Ebola has survived on some surfaces for up to 6 days.

What surfaces? What temperatures?

The CDC isn’t telling us that, and maybe because that isn’t in their booklet in front of them. I took a look into those studies:

Ebolavirus dried onto glass, polymeric silicone rubber, or painted aluminum alloy is able to survive in the dark for several hours under ambient conditions (between 20 and 250C and 30–40% relative humidity) (amount of virus reduced to 37% after 15.4 hours), but is less stable than some other viral hemorrhagic fevers

When dried in tissue culture media onto glass and stored at 4 °C, Zaire ebolavirus survived for over 50 days

Filoviruses have been reported capable to survive for weeks in blood and can also survive on contaminated surfaces, particularly at low temperatures

This information is based on experimental findings only and not based on observations in nature. This information is intended to be used to support local risk assessments in a laboratory setting.

Seems like it can live outside the host for at least an hour, how many people can touch that door knob in one hour? Or subway exit in New York?

Virus Mutations

Now the virus mutates every time it hits a new victim. That is from studies on this virus and other ones done by CDC and others. Now t

They don’t mean it mutates to become airborne like the movie Outbreak, they mean it evolves just like animals during evolution to survive. One way it will need to evolve is to survive and to stay alive longer outside of the host or person/thing it infects. The more times it comes in contact with a person/animal/etc the more times it is figuring out how to live longer outside the body.

The virus has never gotten this far, it was usually quickly contained or it killed everybody around it and died out/moved to animals. It would be gone until it came in human contact again.

Now the virus is moving around the world, it is evolving, it is learning to survive for longer and longer.

Now a few things that are scary about this strain of Ebola besides that it has already got to about 8,000 people is that it is also going to get into that many more animals in new locations.

The CDC also isn’t reporting that:

Ebolavirus genome was discovered in two species of rodents and one species of shrew living in forest border areas, raising the possibility that these animals may be intermediary hosts.

Serological evidence of immunity markers to ebolavirus in serum collected from domesticated dogs suggests asymptomatic infection is plausible, likely following exposure to infected humans or animal carrion.

Viral hemorrhagic fevers have an infectious dose of 1 – 10 organisms by aerosol in non-human primate.

Serum antibodies and viral RNA have been identified in some bat species, suggesting bats may be a natural reservoir.

Zoonosis between humans and animal is suspected

It will be in these animals until contact with humans and it starts to kill again.

Let’s take what we now know about Ebola and put it with what is going on with this outbreak in 2014.

Reports are saying that the epidemic in Africa is out of control and the number of cases is doubling every 3 weeks with the number expected to be over a million by January. People are being turned away from care centers now, and how will they keep up with the growing numbers when they can’t even handle the current ones?

It will go to other countries before the US, spread and come in like that…in worst case scenario that would actually be too smart for our government to do, but they would shut down all flights from other counties. It will get into China, Japan, Russia, most of Europe, etc very easily, and then come here from those places. It would cripple the world’s economy to shut down all flights so that won’t happen.

It only took one person to come here from Liberia and the government completely blew it. ONE PERSON!

duncan pic

Duncan Picture

Thomas Eric Duncan.

I understand the need to keep air travel going in order to allow aid workers and other essential travelers into the country, but I absolutely do not understand granting people travel visas for non essential reasons such as this man, Thomas Eric Duncan. There should be a strict ban on all non-essential travel to and from these areas, that is just common sense and to ignore it is putting the lives of countless people at risk. Just as Thomas Duncan did.

And he got here from a country that we were SUPPOSE to be watching, and now more and more people in Africa will try to come here. They can see they don’t have the medical care to beat this virus there, but they have heard of the doctors who were sick flying back to the US and getting better.

They will try to come here, and some might get here and have the virus. Others won’t get here, but they can get away from their country and try to get better medical attention in other countries. Human nature to survive will kick in, and they will flee.

It isn’t even a what if now as the virus is here in the United States and not just at the CDC headquarters in a safe in Atlanta.

The response from the hospital in Dallas was beyond idiotic, but the whole response from the CDC put the future of humanity in doubt.

It’s not just that this guy is here, or about his towel and sheets and what type of fire they should be burned in, it’s about the clean up. The virus living outside here in America, and where it was.

The clean up (or lack therefore of) by the CDC is disturbing, and it probably just put the virus here in the states for a long, long time.

ebola vomit

It’s been reported, and pictured here that it took over 4 days for the cleanup to show up to clean an area where Mr. Duncan threw up outside the Dallas apartment he was sick inside.

This vomit sat there for 4 days!

The virus will probably die in the sunlight, but he was seen outside doing this at 10 pm. Now if a dog, a rat, a cat, a bird (pigeons were claimed to be in the puke) ate this, they would not just become sick but a carrier.

This means even if the CDC does redeem those terrible mistakes and stop Ebola from spreading to more humans, there is a chance it could now be alive in some sort of animal here in the US.

The same way it would lay dormant in Africa and then reappear when it comes into contact with humans. It could disappear for months, years, and reappear in a major city with no warning.

And sure, that might be ‘fear talk’ or a scare tactic, but it is here now. It has never been here before to even try to live here.

Who Pays?—

Who pays for the Ebola testing and treatment? Texas has a very high number of people without health insurance (32%), who probably are not used to interacting with hospitals — and for good reasons. That is going to work against early detection and isolation.

Plus how uneducated did these health care officials have to be in Dallas to not understand a man from Africa was stating he had Ebola?

Well let’s assume that he lied about it, and the health care workers in Dallas are great, but when Duncan came back to the hospital he came in an ambulance. An ambulance that stayed in service picking up new patients for 48 hours.

If the virus is only spread via bodily fluids, wouldn’t the ambulance that this man with Ebola rode inside have bodily fluids inside it? Wouldn’t a person who had to ride in an ambulance most likely be sick with a low immune system or maybe injured with open cuts for the virus to get inside?

How many people got into this Ambulance during that 2 days?

Obama Sending Troops to the Hot Zone

Sending troops into hot zones will only give the virus more chances to jump and infect, and let’s say these troops do catch ebola, but they survive. They are cleared of ebola after beating it, and they come from quarantine, then released. Reports state that Ebola can live for up to 8 weeks in sperm. More reports said longer, but not in the blood tests.

Do you think these troops coming back to the states after cleaning up Ebola bodies in the hot zone, then catching the virus, then being in isolation for a few weeks, aren’t going to go have unprotected sex?

Let’s not even think of that scenario….

Why aren’t U.S. borders being closed to travelers from this region?

The easiest way to prevent an Ebola outbreak in the United States is to prevent travelers from the region from flying here in the first place, right?

But think about all the health care workers, volunteers and military personnel who are selflessly going to West Africa to offer assistance. Should they be forced to stay overseas until the outbreak is over? Would as many go if they knew they wouldn’t be allowed back?


The main thing to remember is that Ebola is untested for the most part. It is a virus, it is alive, and it wants to live longer. It is learning how to adapt and evolve to do that.

It is also here on our soil, but what that means isn’t clear yet.

The most important thing that everybody wants to know is, can I catch Ebola?

Yes. Yes, you can. This virus doesn’t care who you are it will infect you.

Now WILL you catch Ebola?

The best thing I can say right now is do your research and stay aware of what is going on in your area.

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