East1999 launches as a Top Tastemaker Blog

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Earlier this year the website, East1999.com, was taken out of beta format and put into action. The hip-hop blog, that is named after the fourth single off the debut album from the mega-platinum selling hip hop, Bone Thugs and Harmony, is a new age version of digital tastemakers.


The site releases new material almost every 12 hours that is related to hip hop and rap, and the fan base is growing larger and larger. The well known, DJ Shoestring, who has been seen on MTV, is one of the leaders behind the blog. His ability to get music exclusively along with co-founder, Anthony “GoodBarz” Goodwin, has set the site on a large level. As the internet has changed and become a fore-front for finding good music, East1999 is hoping to become a landing spot for hip hop purists.

The site focuses on not having overbearing ads, no pop-ups, and to just give the audience what they want, an easy way to listen and hear the latest hip hop as it is release.


the official logo signatures

“We like to stretch the boundaries, and we aren’t following hip hop trends.” Shoestring told us over the weekend at his New York City Condo. “Just because a certain site or certain DJs are playing what we consider mainstream rap music, that doesn’t mean that we have to post it. We put up good music that we feel is good, not what people pay us to put up.”

DJ Shoestring has enjoyed multiple success this year. He has secured a summer tour, his mix tape series, “That Real, That Rugged” has been downloaded over 2 million times an several different sites.

East1999 has been in what is called a “beta-format” for a little over a year. The two bloggers developed the site using on local, midwest rappers. The site is credited as being the first outlet for artists like Cheef Keef, Smoove Gotti, and Machine Gun Kelly, who are all enjoying national attention due in part to niche blogs like East1999 picking them up.


East1999 Beta Header

Below is the header that was used as the site was in “beta-format” it features the street sign from the Bones video shoot.

Besides DJ Shoestring and Mr. Goodwin, there is two private investors from the S.S.U.G company that have joined the team.

Visit the site today, www.East1999.com 

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily