Deron Williams Signs with His Hometown Dallas Mavericks


After the failure of trading for one high profile point guard in Rajon Rondo last year, the Mavs have added another major name point guard to their team with the addition of Dallas born and bred star, Deron Williams.

Dallas signs Williams for 2 years and $10 million dollars as they hope to move forward after the failure to sign DeAndre Jordan last week.

In 2010 Williams was traded from the team that drafted him the Jazz in Utah to the New Jersey Nets. Utah felt like they wouldn’t be able to sign Williams after the season as he entered into free agency.

Williams then became the face of the franchise as the Nets moved from New Jersey into their new home in Brooklyn. He signed a 5 year max deal for $98.5 million, and took Brooklyn to the playoffs. The Nets only won 1 playoff series with Williams, and now the franchise feels the need to move forward without Williams.

The Nets bought out the 31-year-old Williams to lower their payroll. They owed him $43 million in the final two years of the contract.

Enter in Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks who welcome in the hometown kid to lead them back to the playoffs. The before mentioned trade for Rajon Rondo ended badly for the Mavs as Rondo never found his rhythm with the team.

The signing of Williams also completes the starting lineup for Dallas, Williams, Pachulia and free agent guard Wesley Matthews are the newcomers joining 37-year-old Dirk Nowitzki for his 18th season and Chandler Parsons.