DeAndre Jordan in a Toss Up Between Mavs and Clippers; Doc Speaks on CP3 and DJ

DeAndre Jordan

Well Doc Rivers has spoken on if DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul have any ‘so called beef,’ with Brad Turner tweeting that Doc said the following, “It’s up to DJ’s ability to figure out if he wants to deal with that, doesn’t want to deal with that.”

Will DJ be back in LA next year? It seems right now that he is in a toss up between the Mavs and the Clippers and it could go either way.

It really might come down to playing with Chris Paul even though all year Doc and the team said there wasn’t any beef like a vegan. If Jordan doesn’t resign with Lob City we won’t get any more moments like this:


The main issue coming out of Jordan’s camp is that he wants more of an offensive role. The problem is that Jordan has never shown much of an offensive game to make a team want to feed him the ball for 30 touches a night.

This was his breakout year with just over 11 points a game. He led the lead in rebounding with 15+, but when you are only getting 11 points even though you are a windex machine on the glass it is hard to say you deserve any touches. Doc knows this, but Doc also knows without those 15 boards a night Lob City is in trouble in the west.