Cuban, Mavs Might Target Tristan Thompson


The Mavs lost out on DeAndre Jordan, but since the Cavs can’t come to a deal with PF Tristan Thompson maybe the Mavs can.

Thompson and the Cavs have been in talks since first allowed, and at one time a deal was reported done, an $80 million dollar contract that even ESPN said was tied up, and just needed the John Hancock’s of both parties.

Now it appears that wasn’t the case, and Thompson’s agent, Rich Paul, is looking at all the money the Mavs have on the table along with a need to put a guy in the middle who can rebound.

Paul and his Klutch Sports Group also represent Lebron, and that fact alone made the Cavs front office think Thompson wouldn’t take any other offers. His worth, however, might be above the $80 million, and it would be wrong for somebody like Paul not to at least look into the best interest of his client.

Thompson could be looking at closer to $90-100 million from the Mavs.

Thompson was the #4 pick out of Texas in 2011, and was a backup most of last season to Kevin Love. Love has already signed with the Cavs, and the Cavs might feel that they have a great contract on the table for a guy who will be a backup.

After Love went down with an injury, Thompson started in his place and averaged close to a double-double with over 10 boards a game and just under 10 points per contest at 9.6.

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