Comcast/XFINITY Speed Test – Check Your Broadband Speed

And if your outcomes are significantly lower compared to SpeedTest outcomes, then that will give you pause also. The test checks your download rates from Netflix’s servers, while SpeedTest just connects you to arbitrary servers which are nearby, so a disparity indicates your ISP could be throttling your link to Netflix. Yesterday (May 18), the streaming giant launched a free Comcast Speed Test site, so that you can check if you are really getting the net speeds that you pay for.

First, you ought to know how fast your internet package is supposed to be, in Mbps (check your most recent internet bill if you don’t understand). If this amount is significantly higher than the rate your outcomes shows, there could be an issue. This is just the most recent attack in Netflix’s years-long effort to call out ISPs that may or might not be throttling their clients’ connections to Netflix and other streaming websites.

It also, interestingly, provides a way to specifically examine whether you are getting Netflix in the rates you pay for. Simply visit and the website will automatically calculate your download rates at megabits per second (Mbps). Once that is completed, it will ask if you wish to compare your results with those of another online speed test site, the aptly named

If that’s true, Netflix suggests you ought to go complain to your ISP. All that is missing is the Wink Emoji.

We think that it is a conflict of interest when Internet service providers run their own speed tests. A third party opinion is essential and the supplier should not be allowed anywhere near the procedure. When companies host their own speed tests they remove the factors that you are here to test. Namely the online route itself. This evaluation is impartial, it assesses and grades all suppliers on the very same criteria. They want you to believe your connection is operating perfectly… but is it really?

Do not be fooled. Other rate tests, especially tests provided by your Internet provider attempt to remove routing variables. This can make your connection look faster than it truly is. Truthfully, do you need to know how fast your connection is inside your providers network or would you like to know how fast it’s to the places where the sites you visit are being hosted?

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