Coach Scott Says Kobe will Play Power Forward….


Lakers Coach Byron Scott is preparing to go outside of the box this season. Scott told reporter David Aldridge there’s a possibility Kobe Bryant will play power forward, “some games, against some teams.”

Power forward for the Black Mamba?

Imagine Kobe trying to cover Zach Randolph in the low-post…That wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work at all.

Here’s the full quote, via the David Aldridge:

There will no doubt be nights when Russell and Clarkson look like the first- and second-year players they are. But their size and athleticism in combination will be much more in line with the kind of backcourt that can excel in the triangle. Add Williams’ ability to get white hot in a hurry off the bench, and the Lakers should be much more dynamic in the backcourt, no matter where Bryant lines up.

“I think that’s the beauty of it,” Scott said. “The one thing that we wanted to do and accomplish through this draft and through free agency was to try and be a little more versatile, have some versatility. So I think all three of those guys can definitely do that. Kobe can play one, two and three. There’s no doubt in my mind. And there’s some games. against some teams, where he’ll probably play four. With his tenaciousness, the way he guards people and when his mind is set, if I say ‘Kobe, you’ve got him,’ he takes that as a challenge. You know how he is. He’ll compete.”