Chile Earthquake Updates

Here’s what you need to know

Magnitude: Right now the USGS has put this quake at an 8.0 – Expect this to change as more data comes to hand.

Depth: Current data suggests a shallow quake at 10km – This data is subject to change.

Intensity of Shaking: USGS pager has put this quake at Mercalli Intensity level VII (7 – Very Strong). The ‘Did you feel it’ part of the website has people reporting it at a 6 which is strong shaking.

Expected Damages: New USGS pager probabilities as follows: 20% damages less than 1m, 33% for damanges between 1-10, 31% for damages between 10-100m, 13% for 100m-1b, 2% 1-10b. All values in USD.

Expected Deaths: New USGS pager probabilities are as follows: 26% no fatalities, 35% 1-10 deaths, 28% 10-100 fatalities, 10% for 100-1000 deaths and 2% 1,000-10,000 fatalities.

Tsunami: Regional Tsunami Warning – Chile, Peru. Tsunami Advisory for Hawaii – Basically saying watch out for possible stronger, unexpected currents.

Aftershock pattern: This quake was preceded by hundreds of smaller quakes which is unusual due to no trigger event. The expected pattern is that of many smaller quakes and some larger (6.0’s/7.0s) to follow over the next few months.


5:25 am GMT – Tsunami Advisory in place for Hawaii. Reportedly five people dead.

4:49 am GMT – Here is a source for the two deaths, it is in spanish so use google translate.

4:30 am GMT – Two people reportedly dead according to the governor of Iquique – One from a supposed heart attack during evacuation.

4:23 am GMT – A tsunami decision for Hawaii is set to be made in the next hour – It is unlikely to end up as a Tsunami warning however in my opinion. As news slows I will be posting updates when there is enough to report on.

4:02 am GMT – As per many of the locals messaging me, 300 women from a women’s prison in Iquique, 16 of which have been captured. Interior Minister says 100 more security forces are being flown to the city to help in the recapture.

3:41 am GMT – The Tsunami warning has been downgraded to only Chile and Peru – No other countries are in danger. In reference to anyone currently reading the CNN article about another quake waiting to happen in the region, this is possible but right now there is nothing to suggest it is about to happen. Wait until the dust has settled and listen to official sources and not media bias.

3:34 am GMT – Here are some local channels from Chile and Colombia

3:29 am GMT – Some good photos from the Daily Mail

3:26 am GMT – Gerard Fryer, Geophysicist with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center tells CNN there is clearly no hazards to the Coast of North America, the Center is still in a wait and see mode on Hawaii and NZ. Costa Rican Officials have said there is no threat to their coast line and is not promoting any evacuations currently.

3:21 am GMT – Major fire apparently underway – No location given – Source

3:16 am GMT – Update the Tsunami information.

3:02 am GMT – Here is a propagation map – As you can see NZ is set to get more of a change in wave amplitude than Hawaii or the West Coast.

2:53 am GMT – Several bigger aftershocks following this quake, all less than a magnitude 7 which is good news. Chilean home office minister, Mahmud Aleuy has said “There is no serious damage to houses…there have been no people hurt.” – Very good news from the region.

2:43 am GMT – No casualties reported yet – I am aware of this apparent Karma conspiracy, although I promise you, I have not made this quake.

2:32 am GMT – A Gallery of photos from the evacuation/quake

2:28 am GMT – Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa tweeted – “Everyone along our coast should be alert and ready”

2:23 am GMT – The USGS has provided new Pager information that describes a worsening event.

2:18 am GMT – Chile’s Emergency Ministry ONEMI reports landslides causing blockages on roads and highways, possibly hampering evacuation attempts.

2:05 am GMT – An Instagram Video showing the shaking in Chile.

2:00 am GMT – Peru is reportedly evacuating it’s coast line in anticipation for the Tsunami’s arrival.

1:48 am GMT – Apparently the magnitude has been revised to an 8.2 event. The USGS has not reflected this yet and I will wait for further confirmation before changing. Waves of 2 metres have struck the coast line.

1:39 am GMT – Sea level spike of 6ft – This is definitely not good news for the region. Here’s hoping the damage is limited. Thank you to those people sending in links of information etc and for the kind words.

1:35 am GMT – Video’s have surfaced from the region: Video One and Video 2. Chilean authorities have downgraded the quake to a 7.9 which is good news, however the USGS rating remains at an 8.0 magnitude event.

1:27 am GMT – Local areas are currently under mandatory evacuation to safe areas to limit Tsunami Devastation. Waves have reportedly arrived at Pisagua.

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily