CDC Warns of ‘Large Outbreak’ of Measles, More Than 100 People Infected

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning about a “large outbreak” of measles in the U.S.

“We are very concerned by the growing number of people who are susceptible to measles and the possibility that we could have a large outbreak in this country as a result,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday.

According to the CDC, there are at least 102 reported measles cases in 13 states and Mexico. More than 50 cases of the infectious disease are linked to a cluster of people who visited the California Disney theme parks in the last month.

Health officials are urging people who have not been vaccinated to get vaccinated and avoid the Disney parks where the outbreak originated.

The “Outnumbered” co-hosts weighed in on vaccinations that could prevent the spread diseases like measles.

Harris Faulkner said that she refuses to judge parents who do or do not vaccinate their children.

“I refuse to judge on either side, because how you choose to love, how I choose to love, we all love our kids. Our choices are different,” Faulkner said.

Jedediah Bila remarked that she knows people who can’t get vaccinated because of health conditions, but that she’s concerned about the health regulations from the government.

“I’m very worried about a government that can start telling you, regular citizens, that you have to get a flu shot, and you have to do this, or you have to get 35 vaccines for your infant before they hit 36 months,” she said. “That concerns me. And what comes next?”

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily