Bystanders Try To Save Unarmed Man, Urging Him To ‘Lay Down’ After Cops Keep Shooting Him

ouston police recently shot an unarmed African American man who they said was acting “suspiciously.”

All of this originated with a traffic stop for an illegal lane change.

When cops approached the car, they claim that the unarmed man “had his hand under the seat.”

Houston Police Department spokesman Victor Senties said that it was “like he was reaching for something, and ignoring the verbal commands repeatedly.”

Apparently, “ignoring the verbal commands repeatedly,” is now all a police officer has to say in order to justify using lethal force against a citizen.

When the “ignoring the verbal commands repeatedly” happened, officers opened fire on the vehicle, hitting Walker twice.

Senties said that then Walker tried to get out, and “they saw the doors open up, one of the officers gave repeated verbal commands to stay inside the vehicle, then the officer went to brace the door to keep [Walker] inside.” But Walker managed to get “out of the vehicle [and] he was digging into his pockets and waist band.”

But bystander video footage shows Walker exiting the vehicle in shock, taking off his shirt, apparently in confusion of what the pain he was feeling was from.

Laquesha Spencer said to Local 2 news that she told Walker, “‘Lay down, they are going to shoot you. They are going to kill you.’ And I guess he was in shock, he had already been shot three times, because I heard multiple gunshots.”

Walker’s sister, Laura, said “he didn’t even have a gun… he’s never owned a weapon.”

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