Broussard Apologizes to Cuban and Other NBA Happenings…

Well Chris Broussard had to apologize to Mark Cuban after he reported that Cuban was driving around Houston begging for DeAndre West to answer his phone and open his door. Broussard tweeted that, and that Cuban was begging Jordan’s family members for his address. Both Cuban and his brother fired back at Broussard calling him an idiot and a few other things but mostly an idiot.

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Broussard was really just ….

Back pedalling

Even DJ put out an apology to Cuban and the Mavs since well he probably owed them one…

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The amount of high fives was analyzed, and it turned out that this whole episode of chaos really just meant the Clippers will choke again in the postseason next year. Lob City did add Paul Pierce, but this is an even older Paul Pierce whose defense is suspect. They still have Mr. Overrated Chris Paul leading the point, and as long as they play in the West they won’t make out it out of the West.

Adding the Truth and Lance Stephenson doesn’t make the Clippers better than the current champs, the Warriors, the new look Spurs, the team that beat them last year, the Rockets, or even a healthy Memphis. Unless Lance can find the old Lance, then the Clippers are just the same old Clippers.

Lance is the real key here after having that great, breakout year, he followed it up by signing a dumb contract with Michael Jordan and playing terrible. He was also hurt, and maybe Doc can find that old Lance. Time will tell, but putting Jordan back in the same spot he was in last year doesn’t change the fact that CP3, Doc, nor Blake will trust him in the post to score when they need a big bucket. Plus he can’t shoot foul shots so how can he be a franchise player and big time scorer? Exactly.

The Lakers land Hibbert, and I really like this move. More on that later.

Right now it’s all about Cuban vs Broussard…..

Oh yeah, and ESPN and a few others are running with the news that Broussard ‘broke’ the major announcement that Lebron was signing with the Cavs. That’s about as earth shattering as a kid scoring a touchdown in flag football practice.

Broussard has been slipping for sometime, but this Cuban thing really put a spotlight on things.

More details on the Lakers coming

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