Breaking Down Ben Shapiro @BenShapiro

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you the modern day Eddie Haskell, a conservative talking head with no compassion or any type of style, Ben Shapiro.

Ben Shapiro

Now I’m not calling Benny a Psychopath or anything, that would be for a doctor to determine, but I am saying that this guy isn’t exactly ‘nice’. His own wife probably runs to do the dishes or laundry or roofing anytime he comes home so she can avoid him at all costs.

If you have seen any 80s teen flick, Ben is the bad guy who is dating the hot girl, but he loses her at the end because he is just a tool. The great Van Wilder said it best, “tighty whities type of guy who only has sex in the missionary position with his socks on.”  Not verbatim but….

Ben is the guy that reminds the teacher homework was due even when he knows no one in the class did it because the teacher said it was homework after the bell rang. Ben of course did it. Ben is the kid that the teacher tells to watch the class while she/he leaves the room. He writes down names for anything including moving in your seat. Painting a picture of the type of kid that Ben is yet?

Well imagine that kid, but as an adult, and this isn’t an attempt to mislead anyone that Shapiro isn’t a smart guy. He graduated from high school at 16, he is well educated, but he lacks any compassion. His own twitter account plays this hand out for us perfectly as his featured tweet is this:

ben shapiro images

Ok, maybe true Mr. Shapiro, facts don’t care about feelings, but most normal human beings care. It could be a fact that my grandmother was killed, but it is still going to hurt my feelings. Not yours though because they probably don’t exist.

Ben graduated college almost 15 years ago, but you guessed it, he still goes back around campuses to argue with the kids in college. Remember the guy who tried to bang high school girls when he was in college? Sort of like that, but Ben isn’t trying to have sex he is trying to promote his books and ideas which are mostly right wing bullshit and disses to the people trying to talk to him.

He is most famous for getting into an on air debate with a transgender woman.

This also shows that the hypocrisy of Mr. Shapiro is dumbfounding on many levels. He says that his own grandfather was bi-polar, and he says that he believes transgenders are mentally ill. Then he goes after them every chance he gets including his most known TV sighting.

Triggering a transgender on Dr. Drew so you can get your point across is pretty lame and an asshole move. Going to college campuses to argue against kids 10 years younger than you about topics that they haven’t lived through is like going to the 4th grade dodge ball game, picking up a ball, winning, and then bragging that you won.

It probably stems from Ben not having a good childhood, and even though he went to UCLA, he never got the college experience. It’s a right off passage to do dumb things in college. A passage that Ben missed because it takes being invited to a party which we know Ben didn’t get, and it requires friends.

Ben continues to impress with his visit to the Rubin Report, as he says, “I’m not into caring.” Yeah, no sh*t Ben.

So let’s break down what we have right now, a man 12+ years out of college who believes transgender issues are mental health issues goes around to college campuses to debate kids  trying to trigger transgenders. Also he doesn’t ‘care,’ and is probably lacking any empathy.

Also he doesn’t believe that racism is the reason for black families making almost 4 times less than white families. He is seen at a debate stating this about income and inequality, and also states that black people need to act like a human being. Verbatim.

Yes, Ben Shapiro said that, and doesn’t get put out there enough. The context is the before mentioned income, but Ben is on a rant and talking about the riots in Ferguson, Mo. It isn’t a directly-meaning to be racist comment, it just shows how naive Ben is to both the black community and once again over all feelings or compassion.

His point is that black people shouldn’t be upset because civil rights happened in the 1960s, and more blacks are in prison, the single mother percentage has jumped a bunch since the civil rights movement. He continues almost to the point that racism isn’t a thing. The people he is debating are appalled, and one of them even says, “I’m a human being what are you talking about?”

Ben doesn’t believe white privilege is a thing because he is a white male. He says all these things, but I don’t think he is racist. He just doesn’t have any empathy. It’s a common theme with Benny. The best salesmen are like this even to the point that used car dealerships want to have a sales force full of guys like Ben.

The problem is, Ben isn’t selling used Nissans. He is out pushing an agenda to these college campuses that black men aren’t shot by police at all, and if the black or hispanic community would stop saying whites are racists they would be better off. He preaches this with random facts that fit his agenda.

He preaches and honestly believes that America is colorblind because it is a capitalist country. Sure, buddy, black people aren’t starting the race 5 steps back! We believe you.

Moving on with the breakdown here, Ben also tweeted Bernie Sanders stating that if he goes into an store and wants a lap but can’t afford it that is life, and that is how poor people should view healthcare. If they can’t afford to pay for their cancer, oh well, sucks to be them. That was Ben’s take on Bernie Sander’s healthcare.  If you can’t afford it, then you can’t buy it which is funny because my mom went to the doctor and she couldn’t afford her sickness but they gave it to her anyways.

Ben also said he went into an inner city high school, and told kids that their parents were poor because they were just bad with money. He told them not to be bad with money, and they wouldn’t be poor.

Ben also states that black people aren’t going to prison more than white people for no reason, they are going because they break the law more than white people.

That is true, but Ben is forgetting to mention that the laws that are being broke were made by white men, some of those laws were even create just to hold down certain groups of people. The war on drugs for one example.

Ben also thinks global warming isn’t really a bad thing, and lies during a debate to say that temps haven’t been rising in the last 15 years. Once again Ben is using his own ‘facts’ to keep up with his agenda. 

That’s part one of our breakdown. Ben Shapiro lacks compassion, says racism isn’t a thing just like white privilege isn’t, and he puts healthcare into the same category as shopping for a luxury item.

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Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey has been a contributing writer and journalist for the Pluto Daily since January 2014.