Bradley Wins on Cards After Crazy Finish vs Vargas

bradly vargas

Timothy Bradley vs Jessie Vargas didn’t live up to the hype, but it did provide an interesting ending.

Bradley seemed in control of the entire fight, and Vargas knew he had to get a KO entering the 12th round. Vargas almost got it, but this isn’t handgrenades or horseshoes. Bradley got the win.

Bradley won most of the rounds, and was never in trouble. Vargas might have won a few rounds, but it was mostly a one sided affair. That is until the 12th round.

Vargas probably won the 12th as well, when the almost knockout happened, and somehow the ref stopped the fight about 9 seconds early. As Vargas landed a giant right hand that wobbled Bradley, and put him on the run. HBO’s crew said live that Bradley was out on his feet, and he might have been.

As Vargas moved in the kill and the win, Pat Russell, the ref of the bout, moved in and stopped the fight with 10 to 9 seconds left. Russell thought the 10 second warning was the bell so he jumped in between the two fighters.

He looked Vargas in the face and told him the fight was over. Vargas thought the fight was being stopped because Bradley was stumbling and out of it and couldn’t fight anymore. Vargas then ran to his corner, jumped up on his corner, and put his hands up thinking he had won the fight.

The fight was ruled over, but Vargas hadn’t won. It went to the judges and Bradley won a unanimous decision, 116-112, 117-111, 115-112 on the cards. It was the right call by the judges on the cards, but the wrong move by Russell in the ring.

After the fight here is what Russell said about the early stoppage, “It was very loud and I thought I heard the bell. The fight was over when I heard the bell. Sounded like the bell to me. You don’t always hear the 10 second warning, you’d like to but I heard the bell.”

Bradley on the big shot that hurt him and the ending, ” I don’t have to defend anything. He hit me with a good shot at the end. I was good at the end. I grabbed ahold of him and sqeezed him like his mom was hugging him. We can do it again.”

Vargas felt like he had a good chance taken from him at the end of the fight.

“It was over. I heard something and I hit him with a shot, came up and capitalizing with 3 or 4 shots. He was still wobbly and thats where he stopped the fight. It was only the 10 second mark. He was out. All i needed was 1 shot. That’s what i was looking for, that’s where russell came in. Honest mistake on his part but that cost the fight. My corner was asking for that big right hand they saw it coming. i thought i was controlling him with the right hand. It was hurting him and buzzing him. His jab wasn’t hurting me. We start off in a rematch where we left off. Keep more active, more punches.” Vargas said post fight.

Bradley dominated, but the big punch did hurt him as he admitted. Bradley did say he was open to a rematch stating, “Why not? We can do a rematch. I don’t have a problem with that. Jessie came out and fought hard. I was in better shape than him and thats why i was better. Absolutely. No problem. Outboxing him in the 11 12 outboxing him because i was ahead. He was looking for jab and overhand right and he caught me but i could continue. Come on max I survived provodnikov. Come on man. I didn’t go anywhere though baby. I was still there. Look at me how strong my legs are, back in position, spinning out. i know exactly what I’m doing I know where I’m at. I’m thinking dammit i din’t listen to my trainer again and I got hurt in the last round. I got lazy and careless and he timed me with a perfect overhand right.”

The fight was for the WBO belt that Floyd Mayweather said he would vacate after beating Pacquiao in May. But Mayweather has balked at relinquishing the belt, and the WBO has demanded Mayweather declare his intentions by July 3.

If he relinquishes, then Bradley would go from interim champion to world champion.

Bradley does have the WBO welterweight title now, and it will be interesting to see who he goes after if he doesn’t give Vargas a rematch.



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