Boycott BET Officially Starts Online #BoycottBET

As BET wraps up another, uneventful award show (besides the Eminem m*rder of Trump), we took notice that #BoycottBET was trending on Twitter. The main reason? Eminem ? At first glance you might think Trump’s base came out in droves to support BET, but realistically none of them probably watch BET. The real reason behind the ban isn’t Slim Shady, but rather a little known rapper named, XXXTentacion.

Thanks to BET letting this upcoming artist, XXXTentacion, to be involved in the freestyle cypher. XXXTentacion is about to go to trial for charges that go beyond anything we have seen supported by anyone in the mainstream before…so just go ahead and read this description..

“Over the course of six months, XXXTentacion threatened to insert a barbecue pitchfork in the victim’s vagina, kicked, punched and stomped on her, strangled her on more than one occasion and threatened to kill her and their unborn child. The sadism and manipulation of the rapper’s treatment is incredibly upsetting and warped.”

The description of the unreal charges continues…

“The torture for the victim doesn’t end there, though. After a brutal attack left her with a hemorrhaging eye, she asked to go to a hospital, but instead was taken to a different apartment and left with no phone. The victim was trapped with no exit for two days before finding a way to escape. The pathology of XXXTentacion’s abuse—a false sense of security, control over the body, physical harm and social isolation—are indicators of severe emotional instability. The motivator behind the abuse was primarily jealousy: When the victim gave attention to another man, sexually or otherwise, the young artist would snap.”

Now everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty here in America, but that didn’t stop XXXTentacion from saying what he wanted on his Instagram account.

Over Instagram, XXXTentacion aired his thoughts on the allegations brought against him, leading to a spew of threats of rape and sexual violence: “I’m gonna fuck y’all little sisters down their throats, I swear to god. Everyone who called me a domestic abuser, I’m gonna domestically abuse your little sister’s pussy…I think I’m gonna start supporting feminism.”

BET didn’t seem to mind the actions that were allegedly put on the rapper, they reported them, and still let him perform on their award show. It is a case of things that make you go hmmm.

BET wouldn’t respond to our request for a comment.

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