Boy tries to save NASA

A 6-year-old who dreams of being an astronaut for NASA has taken matters into his own hands by starting an online petition to try and save NASA.

Connor Johnson has wanted to be an astronaut since he was three. When he learned that congress was threatening his future prospects to be a scientist or astronaut with NASA by cutting NASA’s funding, he decided to do something about it.

“My whole idea was writing off to the President and then I decided to give my whole piggy bank to NASA. I have about $10.41,” Johnson said.

However, after talking to his family members about the issue, Johnson decided he needed to find a more effective way to reach NASA.

His family helped him start a petition. Although he did have some guidance, Johnson constructed the petition ideas on his own.

“To get a response from the White House, I need 100,000 signatures,” Johnson said.

As of Saturday evening, he has more than 300 signatures. While it may be a big challenge to get to 100,000, Johnson says he thinks it’s possible because NASA has shown him that any mission can be accomplished with small steps.

If you would like to help out our little astronaut friend by signing his petition please visit:

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily