Bikers put out ‘green light’ against officers following Waco shooting

Police here said Monday that as many as 192 people have been arrested so far and charged with engaging in organized crime in the wake of a bloody clash that left nine motorcycle gang members dead and 18 wounded.

The number of persons arrested could climb said Waco Police spokesman Patrick Swanton, as the investigation of the incident at a Twin Peaks restaurant continues.

Of immediate concern to authorities has been the prospect for more violence here, as other motorcycle gang members have been rumored to be headed to Waco in response to the clash.

Swanton said law enforcement agencies began receiving intelligence reports Sunday night that a “green light” had been put out on officers in uniforms by several of the gangs.

Members of of the Waco Police Department, Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Public Safety remained on the scene heavily armed with military-style rifles and other weaponry. There also appeared to be officers clad in gilly suits on the roof of the Twin Peaks restaurants.

“We are on high alert,” Swanton said. “We encourage those individuals not to bring criminal activity to Waco, but let it be know, if they do, we are ready.”

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily