Bannon loses job at Breitbart after feud with Trump

Former White House advisor Stephen K. Bannon has stepped down as head of Breitbart News after he was quoted disparaging President Trump’s children in a new book, undercutting his crusade to upend the Republican leadership in Congress.

Bannon’s departure from the right-wing website marks a stunning fall from power for one of Trump’s most provocative and influential counselors on both foreign and domestic policy.

Since he was fired as chief White House strategist in August, Bannon has used Breitbart as a platform to advance Trump’s agenda and to attack Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and others he saw as thwarting the president’s will.

Bannon fashioned himself as a Republican power broker, threatening to sponsor Trump-aligned challengers in campaigns to oust some Senate incumbents in GOP primaries.

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DeeDee Barker

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