Anderson Cooper’s Show Gets the Axe

“AC 360 Later,” a panel show hosted by Anderson Cooper, will not be returning, TVNewser reported on Friday.

CNN launched the program, which aired at 10 p.m., in September.

The network has grappled with what to air during that particular timeslot. CNN experimented with a panel format early last year before “AC 360 Later” eventually debuted, and also tested out the short-lived “(Get To) The Point.”

The news confirms earlier rumors that CNN president Jeff Zucker was planning to cancel “AC 360 Later,” and represents his latest change to CNN’s lineup. As TV Newser points out, the 10 p.m. show was not a regular part of the network’s primetime schedule.

CNN had a rough time with ratings in January, but Anderson Cooper’s 8 p.m. show was the network’s top performer.

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