Amir Khan’t Land a Fight With Mayweather, Still Scared of Brook

amir khant

Amir Khan still can’t land his dream date night with Pretty Boy Floyd, and now Amir appears more hopeless than an overweight, super ugly 15 year old girl with a crush on the most popular boy in the school. At this point how many times does Mayweather have to say that he isn’t taking Khan to the prom?


Amir spoke to Omar Al Raisi of the National and he said this about Floyd:

“There is nothing more from their camp, Floyd is clearly avoiding me; that’s the fight I want, I’ve proved myself in the welterweight division, so I don’t know what more to do.”

Mayweather said weeks ago that Amir Khan’s, “name holds no weight,” so what more does Khan want?

The main reason that anybody was talking about a Khan-Mayweather matchup was largely because of Khan. The only response that ever came out of the Mayweather camp was that Mayweather Sr., thought Khan would be an easy fight for his son. Khan somehow misconstrued that into thinking the fight was a go.

Now a real chance to set up Khan’s career, and a maybe fight with Mayweather, if Mayweather happens to fight past September, is a bout with Kell Brook. Brook looks to be headed into a September fight with Brandon Rios.

Khan came out with some harsh words for Brook, a man that many including myself have said that Khan is ducking. Khan is quoted again from his interview with the National:

“I am not fighting Kell Brook and that’s the end of it. Eddie Hearn and Kell has been very disrespectful, trying to fool the public, using my name to keep his fighter relevant in the media,” Khan said.

“What has Kell done? He’s fought bums his entire career, went to the US, won a fight against Shawn Porter, which was a very close fight and many thought he lost that fight. He is fighting unknown fighters like Jo Jo Dan and Frankie Gavin, and I am fighting top-10 fighters and world champions.

“Why should I give him a payday? Our fight will only happen if he goes on and fights two or three top boxers and beats them, then I am here and he will get his fight.”

Lastly, Khan also spoke on the rumors of him fighting Manny Pacquiao in Dubai as Bob Arum mentioned in passing in May.

“It’s all rumours and speculation, I’ve not spoken to Manny about a fight in Dubai and neither did our camps, so it’s untrue,” Khan said. “Look, if Manny wants to fight, we can do it, I’ve offered him and his team in the past, but they turned us down.

“If Manny mans up and wants to take the fight then it will happen, but the only fight I am interested in right now is Floyd Mayweather.”

It seems when you can’t get a date with the most popular boy in school that the smart thing for a girl like Amir Khan to do would be to get another date with either Manny or Brook.




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