Amir Khan Takes Shots at Keith Thurman, Still Ducking Kell Brook


Amir Khan who we at the Boxing Globe sometimes call Amir Khan’t, has come up with his own nickname for Keith “One Time” Thurman.  Thurman recently fought Luis Collazo, a fighter that Khan put on the canvas 3 times. Thurman won the fight after a headbutt to Collazo’s head ended the fight. Thurman did take some big shots, and wasn’t a sure winner when the fight was called. Here is what Khan said:

“Thurman is normally like a bully fighter, but when Collazo stood there in front of him and backed him up a little bit, I think Thurman didn’t like that. It showed me and other fighters a lot now what Thurman’s all about really. Thurman was the guy who was on his back foot. He’s the one who was running.”

“He calls himself ‘One Time,’ but he can’t do it. I think he needs to change his name to ‘Sometimes’”.

Now Khan has been trying to land a payday fight with Mayweather, but with Pretty Boy Floyd picking instead to go into the ring with Berto, Khan is left going dancing with another partner. That square dancing partner won’t be fellow English boxer, Kell Brook.

It has been noted that Khan is ducking Brook, and he probably is. Khan said this however to the Mirror about Brook:

“All he has to do is face some top names, like Bradley, Maidana and Thurman. I proved myself by going in and fighting guys at their peak, but with him, he’s not doing that. Instead he’s fought Jo Jo Dan and Frankie Gavin in his last two fights. Why not prove himself? One thing about me, is I’m not scared of anyone and I’ve never said no to a fight. The only reason that fight isn’t happening is because my team advise me it’s not the right time to do it yet and that it could be a bigger fight. He would not be able to sell-out Wembley. The only fight that could sell-out Wembley would be me against Mayweather or Pacquiao. Kell Brook is not big enough yet to sell-out Wembley.”

Now Brook is undefeated and the current champion in his division. It would seem that Khan would like the chance to fight the 35-0 champion from his own country. The payday would be big for both fighters.

It doesn’t seem like it will happen anytime soon, and Khan can say what he wants but he is still ducking Brook in my eyes.

Khan is saying he wants to return to the ring in the late fall or early winter.