America Has Gained Almost 1 Million Healthcare Jobs Since Obamacare Was Passed

Ask any Republican about the link between the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and job growth in America and they’ll tell you that Obamacare is ruining our economy and robbing good people of jobs. Of course, that just isn’t true. According to Forbes, studies show that in the healthcare industry alone, almost 1 million jobs have been created since Obamacare was passed into law.

As the following chart shows, the numbers from the healthcare industry have been good for a while. In addition to recent growth, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the industry has been growing for 131 months in a row.

Chart shows growth in healthcare jobs since Obamacare was passed. Image:

Job growth has not been limited to the healthcare industry. Since March 2010, more than 7 million jobs have been created in other areas with private sector employment showing gains for 51 straight months (Obamacare was passed 50 months ago).

Whatever else they want to say about Obamacare, Republicans can no longer refer to it as “the job-killing healthcare law.” But then again, when have little things like the truth and facts had any effect on the GOP’s talking points?

h/t: Forbes

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily