Active meth lab found in Indiana Walmart bathroom

MUNCIE, Ind., March 13 (UPI) — Indiana police called to a Walmart store in Muncie said they discovered an active meth lab in the men’s restroom.

The Pendleton District Meth Suppression Team said workers at the Muncie Walmart called police about 11:30 p.m. Thursday when a suspicious backpack was found abandoned in the men’s restroom.

Officers discovered the backpack contained an active methamphetamine lab and the meth suppression team was called in to dismantle the apparatus.

Investigators donned protective respirator masks and suits to remove the chemicals from the store, police said.

The health department determined both the men’s and women’s restrooms would have to be decontaminated by a company specializing in meth lab cleanup before they are reopened to the public.

Investigators said they are working to identify the owner of the bag.

Indiana State Police said meth dealers are increasingly leaving labs in public places to cook rather than risk explosions or contamination at their own homes. They said the dealers leave the chemicals to cook and later return for the finished product.


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