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The Pluto Daily features a long list of contributors and writers some who are daily providers and others who are guest writers. Below you will find our editors and assistant editors along with their department and email.

Owner Abdul-Karim Shah Jahan Pluto-Unlimited

Co-Founder Owner Shane C. Cobb 812-8027437

Owner/Founder/Head Editor and Chief Eric Write Email

Assistant Editor Dan Mullins Email


Michael Harvey

Assistant Editor Email

Michael Harvey has been a contributing writer and journalist for the Pluto Daily since January 2014.

Catfish Hughes Sports Editor/Writer Email

Walt Skinner Health/Lifestyle Editor Email

Sasha Perkins Administrative Assistant Email

Meredith Little World News, Pope News Writer Email

Madison “Maddy” Tayler Contributing Writer Email

Dru Tyler Entertainment Editor/Writer and Marketing President Email

DeeDee Barker Writer/Design  Email


We do accept advertisements on this blog that can come in any form, however, there will never be a paid posting by a writer listed above unless otherwise stated. This means that the views and opinions on this blog, belong and come from us. If something is paid for we would never take away from the journalistic integrity of our writers. We merely take on advertising as a limited thing and each and every ad and/or sponsor is reviewed heavily before we move forward.

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