A White Rapper #Playlist on #Spotify That Doesn’t Disappoint


                                 White Rapper Action Bronson

Hashtags and playlists. That should be the title of 2016, if we forget about all the bad stuff that happened, as we head into 2017. Spotify has changed the game with their playlists, and we wanted to give a shoutout to Crackavelli.com’s new playlist for caucasian rappers. Crackavelli is an online data base of white rappers which called itself the “Ultimate Guide to White Rappers.”

Now the website for the white hope’s of hip hop has released their ultimate White Rapper playlist. The playlist features every white rapper that is semi-known all the way up to leaving off the greatest white rapper of all time, Eminem.

Crackavelli feels that Eminem deserves his own playlist, and we have to agree. The playlist includes some of our favorite pale skin MCs including, Yelawolf, Bubba Sparxx and of course Mac Miller.

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Eric Write head editor and chief at The Pluto Daily