A Trump Endorsement Doesn’t Mean as Much as One from Bob Lefsetz @Lefsetz

An endorsement from the President, Donald J. Trump, doesn’t mean as much as an endorsement from industry insider Bob Lefsetz? Who? That can’t be true, can it? Well, according to rapper, Michael Barber, who was giving an endorsement for his song, Quiet War, by President Trump, it is true.

In an interview with basketball and hip hop website run by none other than Dr. Frank “Catfish” Hughes, Micheal said the following:

WJS: It really is a great song. Can you tell us about the endorsement from the President?

Michael: it is what it is. It’s one of those things were it doesn’t carry a lot of weight. Former Presidents, maybe it would be a bigger deal. I mean it’s an endorsement from this President who is a polarizing figure that a lot of people dislike, I mean it’s not Obama, I think just that, I mean if it would have been President Obama, I think it would have opened more doors. Instead, I actually had blogs and other media outlets say they didn’t want anything to do with it just because they disliked the President.

WJS: Really? Can you elaborate on that?

Michael: The most important thing in that whole letter is the amount of money the President says he is going to put towards fighting this epidemic. I mean I am happy that the President recognized it, but it was Donald Trump. It wasn’t an endorsement from Bob Lefsetz. It wasn’t Jimmy Iovine. I mean at this point an endorsement from Bob Lefsetz is probably worth more, but like I said, it is what it is. It’s an important message for the song to get out to help in to raise awareness about an issue that is catastrophic right now.

Read the full interview on Wicked Jump Shot

This can’t be true, or is it? Interesting. And who just is Bob Lefsetz? From his wikipedia page:

Robert Scott “Bob” Lefsetz (born April 22, 1953) is an American music industry analyst and critic, and author of the email newsletter and blog, the Lefsetz Letter.

And from his Celebrity Access page:









Uhmmm, yeah, so not a lot out there on this dude besides he writes a newsletter.

Edit: Ok after further review, it appears Bob has a show on sirius radio.

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