A New Drug is Taking the Place of Cocaine

“It’s the most intense, rapidly emerging drug problem since the 1980s with the emergence of crack cocaine,” James Hall, an epidemiologist at Nova Southeastern University.


FLakka isn’t just a new drug on the rise here in US, one narcotics officer veteran, Detective William Schwartz,has said recently about ‘Flakka’, “cocaine was king until this year.”

Schwartz,is a veteran narcotics officer with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, has been dealing with the new drug that is now illegal in the States but still legal in China and sold all over the internet.

Synthetic drug seizures — almost all of which is flakka — accounted for 34% of Broward’s crime-lab reports in the first three months of 2015, overtaking cocaine, which dropped to 30%, Schwartz said.

“That’s the first time in my memory that a drug has ever surpassed cocaine,” he added. “We are crossing the threshold into a new world.”

It’s big in the state of Florida, but now there is a new drug, Kratom or Gravel that is slightly different.

It seems that home made versions of these drugs hit the market so they won’t be illegal. Think about the bath salts that hit the market a few years ago, it was similar to street meth, but it was different.

Slightly change the ingredients and put it in a bottle and sell it as something else.

The drug isn’t just in Florida with emergency rooms across the midwest seeing it, including one in Akron, Ohio that had 9 cases in a week.

It used by ISIS and others for their “soldiers” because it among its properties it can make one feel invincible. Overdosing is an issue, as well as what someone might due under its influence. Another example of how “natural” doesn’t mean or equate to healthy or safe.

Also note, it was reported business stories are saying Mexican farmers are switching from marijuana (since more of it is being grown in the US) to poppies and vegetables.

Law-enforcement agencies face big obstacles because flakka is not illegal in China. Manufacturers there typically classify the drug as a legitimate “research chemical,” and offer discreet delivery by mail.

Gil Kerlikowske, the Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection said China had dramatically increased its criminal investigations into synthetic drugs but its huge ports and vast territory made it harder to tackle.

The Obama administration has raised the issue of flakka in talks with China, according to the US State Department.

Last month, police in Melbourne, southeast of Orlando, arrested a 17-year-old girl after finding her running down a street naked, covered in blood and screaming “I am god! I am Satan!” according to the police report.

Scary stuff and stay tuned for new updates!

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