A Mom Saw a Rash with a Strange Shape on Son’s Temple and Issued a Warning That Could Save Lives

As a parent, the unexpected often happens. When it does, the challenge becomes figuring out what to do about it.

For Karen McGregor, when a mysterious rash appeared on her son, it reminded her of something she had seen on Facebook just days earlier. Because of that, she knew what actions to take:

Because McGregor noticed the bullseye rash and identified it as Lyme Disease, she was able to get immediate medical attention for her son, Liam, who had the benefit of early detection and treatment.

The symptoms of Lyme Disease include the distinct bullseye rash, but also include a few other ailments:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Joint pain
  • Neurological problems


She shared her story with the hope of helping someone else, the same way she had been helped:

The trick is to catch it early… I am hopeful that we did! As long as you know the signs to look for and can get them on treatment quickly, the likelyhood [sic] of a life of pain and suffering from Lyme Disease is greatly diminished. We have high hopes that our little guy will never feel the symptoms, and that is why i wanted to share our story – so others can know what to look for as an early sign of Lyme…

Though McGregor isn’t a medical expert, a doctor found her story worth sharing with others:

So how’s Liam doing now? McGregor gave an update in the comments section of her post several days later:

Liam seems to be doing great. he is a bit more tired than usual and acting a little bit out of sorts, but otherwise good! I am so hopeful that we caught this thing in time!

IJReview reached out to McGregor to learn more about what has happened since then, but had not received a response at the time of this writing.

Caused by a tick bite, Lyme Disease can take a harsh toll on the patient who has it.9News reported last year on the effect it had on 19-year-old Ann Moorman, who – at the time – had suffered with it for eleven years.

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