5 Things to do on Twitter Right Now About Donald Trump

After Donald J. Trump hacked his way into the Oval Office there was fear across the country, and filmmaker Michael Moore delivered to us his now internet, famous “5 Things You Can Do Right Now About Donald J. Trump.”

Michael Moore then delivered us his 10 Point Plan, “Do These 10 Things, And Trump Will Be Toast”

The Resistance has grown stronger each day since. We must continue to fight and resist.

I want to add another level to the Resistance. An attack right into the stronghold of Trump and Putin and the rest of the GOP on their favorite social media outlet, Twitter.

So Wolverines and members of the resistance inside Occupied America, I give to you 5 Things to do on Twitter Right Now About Donald Trump. After you do Michael Moore’s 10 Things to make Trump Toast head over to Twitter, and let’s fight fire with fire.

**If you don’t have a Twitter account, please make one. It takes under 5 minutes, really in 5 minutes you could create 2 accounts. Put #WOLVERINES in your bio, and we will find you and try to follow you back!

1. Every day at 5 pm tweet YOU’RE FIRED / #YOURFIRED to Donald Trump. Every single day, Monday through Sunday. Add you’re own twists, hashtags, or whatever you like, but every day at 5 pm we tweet. We prefer eastern time so please adjust accordingly.

2.The GOP needs to be held accountable for letting this continue without any objection. Sh*t for the most part they have been step by step in supporting this commie! That is why we need tweet to these Republican Senators. We want to keep the tweets similar, as one voice yelling in a crowd isn’t always heard, but a crowd yelling one thing will be heard. Write whatever message you want, but hashtag #InvestigateTrump and #DoYourJob.

Here is who we want to tweet and the day of the week. This is who we want to focus on right now, but this will and should change.

Monday Mitch McConnell @SenateMajLdr

Tuesday Paul Ryan @SpeakerRyan

Wednesday John McCain @SenJohnMcCain

Thursday Lindsay Graham @LindseyGrahamSC

Friday Marcia Rubio @MarcoRubio

#InvestigateTrump #DoYourJob

3. Now that we have shouted at these congress members, we don’t want to forget other members of the Kremlin Klan. The three stooges of Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Pence. During the campaign they lead the chants of “Lock Her Up,” and now it appears they were projecting their own crimes or worse. (Unsecured email servers are 1% bad, but meeting with Russians to discuss plans and lying under oath, you know Perjury are WAY WORSE!) These three need to be hit with the hashtag, #LockHimUp every Sunday night. Why Sunday night? Well, again we want hit them with a nice amount of people tweeting to them, crowd vs one person. We want it to trend on Twitter. Add any message you want to the tweet, but add the hashtag #LockHimUp.

Michael Flynn @genflynn

Mike Pence @VP

Jeff Sessions @USAGSessions

#LockHimUp or tweet all three #LockThemUp Sunday nights!

4. Just like the projection that was going on with the “Lock Her Up” chants, the Fake News is coming from the ones yelling it. Putin’s puppets have been yelling “Fake News” since they won the election, which is hilarious because they used this disinformation during their whole campaign.

The real Fake News is things like Breitbart, Info Wars, and even MSM outlets like Fox News. This one is easy, and can be done anytime. Find a post by one of these outlets, or by one of their writers/contributers/talking heads etc., and tweet to them the hashtag #FakeNews. That’s it. Find articles that you think might be Fake News, it won’t be hard to do, and tweet away. This adds a level of discredit to these sites.

Is it lowball? The “Fake News” might be considered lowball politics by some, but if these media outlets ARE putting out misleading or fake news is it lowball? No, it isn’t. It is a must that these outlets be called out for their behavior.

Putin had thousands upon thousands of fake twitter accounts that posted and reposted BS for Donald Trump and company during the campaign. These were mostly fake Twitter bot accounts with the hashtag #MAGA. Now we need to grab our country back, and really make it #MAGA.

Hashtag #FakeNews. Easy as that!

5. Find a local politician or potential candidate that you can support, and follow them. Retweet their tweets, like their tweets, and tweet your support to them. Local elections do matter, and local candidates need our support. Local elections are also hard and draining on these candidates, and just by retweeting them or liking their tweets we can give them support.


We are in Occupied America now, and as Wolverines fighting for the Resistance against the Russians and the puppets in the White (Pride) House. We need your help, and you can do it now by following these 6 things each week. Remember, “Even the tiniest flea can drive a big dog crazy!” Follow me Twitter @LasWolverine


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The Last Wolverine

The Last Wolverine is a Russian fighting writer born on a Red Dawn, and here to write and report for the truth. Leader of the #WOLVERINES resistance movement inside Occupied America.