5 Have Escaped from Chocolat Cafe hostage drama Sydney

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More Updates

  • 18:34: One of the escaped hostages is being treated for shock in hospital (source: @9NewsSyd twitter account)
  • 18:32: Police are requesting that the media does not report the demands of the suspect(s). As such, I will not be reporting them here (source: @smh twitter feed)
  • 18:28: Hostages are being fed. 7 News team has been allowed back into their building with a view of the cafe. They are estimating 15 hostages remaining (source: 7 News & @ChrisReason7 – twitter account)
  • 18:19: Channel 10 and Channel 9 join 2GB in saying they have been contacted by the hostages on behalf of the suspect(s). Some reports that hostages have been allowed to contact their families. (source; The Guardian & Sky News)
  • 18:02: From /u/CRACK_BABIES – “Reports from the hostages: Man allegedly has 4 bombs, 2 in the cafe and 2 strategically placed in the CBD, likes to be referred to as ‘the brother’ [Demands removed]. (Source Channel 7 News live report).”
  • I’m making my way home now through the Sydney CBD – I’ll update more when I get home. Stay safe everyone. Update: Home now. Resuming coverage!
  • 17:08: Image of the other woman running out
  • 17:05: Image of one of the two women getting out
  • 17:00: Two female Lindt workers have left the cafe (source: ABC News Live)
  • 16:24: Video of those two coming out what appears to be the front door.
  • 16:23: Image of two of the people making it out to police.

Authorities are set to deliver another update. NSW Premier Mike Baird and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione will hold a press conference at 8.15pm.

Dramatic photographs have captured the moment two women fled the Lindt cafe into the arms of police.

A hostage runs towards a police officer outside Lindt cafe.A hostage runs towards a police officer outside Lindt cafe. Photo: Jason Reed/Reuters

Fairfax Media photographer Steven Siewert captured this image of the suspected gunman with one of the hostages in the Lindt Chocolat Cafe at Martin Place.

Hostage being held by gunman.Hostage being held by gunman. Photo: Steven Siewert

NSW Police have activated Task Force Pioneer, which they use in terrorism related incidents.

Here’s Crime Editor Nick Ralston with some information about the Taskforce and the people working in it.

In newsrooms and on social media across the country, it’s been a tough day of attempting to separate fact from fiction.

Here’s a summary of some of the myths, half-truths, and claims that can’t be verified.

Exclusion zone

Judging by the comments of Deputy Police Commissioner Catherine Burn in the past half hour, the hostage situation may remain in place for some time yet.

Police have said Sydney residents should use the city as normal tomorrow, though an exclusion zone may be in place around Martin Place.

The zone is bordered by Pitt, Elizabeth, Hunter and King Streets.

Exclusion Zone around Martin PlaceExclusion Zone around Martin Place Photo: Live Traffic NSW

The Channel 7 journalist Chris Reason has a view inside the Lindt Cafe. He’s tweeting what he sees.


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