14-Pound Baby Born

Weighing in at 13 pounds and 12 ounces, the baby that got delivered via c-section sure was big. And it had a length of 25 inches. Now that is definitely huge. Named Addyson Gale Cessna, the baby was born at the Armstrong County Memorial Hospital in Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

According to the general practitioners at the hospital, this is the largest baby they have ever come across. The doctors who performed the c-section were surprised at the sheer size of the baby. They were expecting an 11 pound bundle of joy. But when it turned out to be a 14-pounder mewling and puking small wonder, they were quite shocked. The mother is happy and has felt a sense of relief upon the delivery of the more than double burden she was carrying.

Michelle, the mother of the heavyset baby, said that it is a feeling of purest bliss she is undergoing as she has come out of the hospital. Her husband and she expected a large one alright, but not 14 pounds! They already have twin boys. All is well that ends well. Michelle and baby Cessna are doing just fine. And the former feels that with the latter as the latest addition to the family, it is a complete and happy group they have at home.

The Guinness Book of World Records says that the heaviest baby ever born weighed almost 24 pounds and died 11 hours after birth. This was in 1879. Other heavy births have taken place throughout the world and the reason is often the diabetic and hormonal condition of the mother during pregnancy.

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